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Leave a Living Legacy to Help Reach the World for Christ.

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Planned Giving

Here at the Trinity Broadcasting Network we are spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to every corner of the earth on over 81 channels AND 31 satellites. TBN reaches over 2 Billion homes around the globe. From the U.S. and Latin America, across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, into Asia, and beyond, people are receiving life-transforming Christian television 24 hours a day through your TBN.

As we boldly press forward in this crucial mission to reach the world for Christ, our commitment to you remains the same as it has since TBN's beginnings over forty years ago. We are a 100 percent Christian network all day, every day! And like you, we not only want to share the Gospel with every individual and family on earth; we want to pass on this rich, Godly heritage to the next generation.

As you prayerfully consider your financial estate, we believe that God may very well place it in your heart to include a gift to the Trinity Broadcasting Network. And you can rest assured that there is no better ground into which you could sow and leave a lasting legacy of soul winning than with this ministry.

Please ask for our Living Legacy brochures, which provide information and details on many wonderful estate planning options for you.

Please request our Living Legacy brochures by filling out the Request Info form which will provide information and details on the many wonderful estate planning options that are available.